Lightning Rocket’s First Test Flight

Our “Citizen Science” team (ThunderStruck Aerospace), is now flying projects that will likely lead us to a flight to space in 6 months.

First Lightning rocket motor test

They are testing our lightning rocket motor on this test flight a medium rocket engine. Here, because of cloud cover it is only being flown to 3,500 feet or a little over 1,000 metres. The motor and nozzle worked perfectly. Its next flight will be to 30,000 ft or about 10km. Instead of the 4 Kg of fuel used to get it off the ground and up to 3,500 feet, it will be packed with 33 Kg (105 pounds)  of solid rocket fuel. 

We believe that we can be in space very quickly, but doing it so that we can afford it, is the issue. Stand by for updates as we head to space.

If you watched the video, you will have heard that the rocket motor and and the node cone came down okay by parachute!. It survived the flight and can be reused in the next test flight to 30,000 ft – just under 10 Km..

First Lightning Rocket Lands Successfully

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