Lightning Rockets Update

9th May 2020

During this time of isolation due to the current Corona Virus pandemic, we have been working hard. We cannot test fly any of our technology, but we can work to develop our communications and telemetry systems for our flights.

ThunderStruck have several products that we are working with and many require long range communications and telemetry, Specifically our HABworx balloon flights and our StratoDrone (our stratospheric airship). Development of a common system will save time and money. In fact with our current contracts for HABworx, we are being paid to develop such a link.

Link Requirements

The multi channel links can provide:

  • Long range omni-directional antenna telemetry
  • Target UAV and rocket navigation telemetry
  • Control functions, individual operations and termination of flight
  • automatic antenna tracking of the target
  • High Definition video link(s).
  • Head Up Display on Video
  • Multi-camera switching controlled from the ground
  • The video can be analogue or digital.

ThunderStruck Space has Defence contracts for this technology and Defence is considered an essential technology during the virus lock-down. We will be testing our link technology in a few weeks with balloon flights. Travel and work is approved. We will have unprecedented control and visibility of our balloon flights.

Balloon Requirements

With only one kilogram for our tracking and control technology we will be allocating 500 grams to batteries and 500 grams to electronics and tracking. Not much mass at all, but that is our ability to miniaturise this that gives us a massive advantage in this area. This still leaves us 3 Kg for customers without using more expensive and difficult medium or heavy balloons.

Rocket Requirements

These are essentially the same as the balloon requirements, but weight will not be a limiting factor allowing much higher power and longer range. Yes, some frequencies may have to change, but the essential package will have been tested. For our Lightning Sounding rockets, we are likely to have full link capability with the basic system.

Add to that our ability to link the data and video to the mobile network to allow streaming world wide.

Air Launch

Ever wonder what an Air Launch looks like. This is a basic CGI video and we don’t show the canards opening. We would do this over the ocean, but there is no problem doing it over vacant land. Enjoy.

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