HABworx -High Altitude Balloon Payloads

We fly payloads to the edge of space here in Australia for a wide variety of reasons. We have customers from advertising to science and we assist space groups in testing their equipment here on earth at over 1/3 the way to space. HABworx stands for “High Altitude Balloon works”. That is very near to space conditions and very similar to Mars conditions. That’s well into the stratosphere. So how do we rate internationally?

UpLift flight 001

We hold an equal record with our associate in the UK of never losing a payload over a large number of flights. We have done 40 so far and recovered every payload. We have carried out some incredible science and had up to eight HD cameras and one 360 degree camera on one flight. We have actuated functions on board and completed cut downs when payloads were headed towards danger.

Although we carry out our work in the low part of central NSW near West Wyalong, we also are prepared to do this work in other areas. These have included Albury, Moree and Zagreb Croatia. All payloads were recovered. Albury was for science week, Moree was for a high school and Croatia was for a science competition held by Team Stellar.

We can work with weather balloons, zero pressure balloons and super pressure balloons. We transport the entire project to your launch point. We collect telemetry and have 3 tracking systems to suit your project. We always fly with two. your payload can be up to 3.5Kg for the basic flight and can optionally provide high bandwidth connectivity to the flight.

HABworx Payload release

Please go to our contact page if you would like more details on our flights. We look after insurance, CASA requirements, Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs), liaising with the local aircraft carriers, tracking and much more. Our flights are best efforts and are not guaranteed, but since we have never lost a payload…..