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Creativity in a new dimension. HABworx does a lot of science and its products are used by Defence for testing new technology. We are a professional team that holds an enviable track record of recoveries. We regularly release payloads that climb to over 33 Km altitude. We are a fully Australian team located in New South Wales and can carry out extreme balloon flights right through to very heavy payloads. Basically we make magic happen.

The MAGIC is Real.

We have been advisers and creators of amazing content. On-line media has used our services for an amazing array of videos. These include freezing yogurt in the clouds for Bulla Cloud 9 yogurt, testing how well Super Sticky Post-It-Notes work falling at over 300 Kph and the launch of a Corporate strategy and new logo for MYOB. There have been many more, but let’s show you what is possible. Let’s start with Cloud 9 yogurt.

Bulla Cloud9 Yogurt

Jason and I were advisers for these 12 balloon releases carried out after 1 days The yogurt was frozen in the jet stream and parachuted back to earth. The frozen yogurt was shipped to food critics to blog about. This is that story.

MYOB Re-branding

MYOB wished to show their new logo in a rather dramatic way.. It was also a re-branding about cloud computing and taking their services to the stratosphere:

It was the most complex payload that we had build to date at the time.

Super Sticky Post-It-Notes

A slightly comedic advertisement for how well post-It-Notes work. They had used a race car for the first advertisement and then they used HABworx for the second one. Here are three versions of the advertisement

A Super Sticky Longer Version

Super Sticky Post-It-Notes in 360

Sticky Interview with Robert Brand

What is Next?

That is up to you. We have an extensive range of services and a range of tracking and safety systems to suit you needs and payload size. At this time we may be able to provide basic in-flight video. Not High Definition, but some nice video from 3 different cameras. We look forward to making your advertising opportunities come true.

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