by Steve Hobbs

Introduction by the editor: The Mars MEDIAN Mission is impactor technology. These tests are not designed to fit into that technology or be small form factor. The box is a simple test bed that will be flown to high altitude here on earth for testing in Mars-like conditions. Below is Steve’s story:

To distract from the smoke (in Canberra and other places) here is the cubesat shell that will be used to test components for Mars Median. This will fly to ~30 km (here in Australia) to experience Mars-like conditions.

Mars MEDIAN R&D Shell

Also, as part of Mars Median I have created a flatsat that will record 8X8 pixel IR images, Mars-qualify temperature, UV and inertial measurements. Some readings will be transmitted via LORA, others recorded to SD card. The eventual cubesat will fly on a high altitude balloon (for testing) but will NOT be able to record or transmit images.

More on this later from Steve

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