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Welcome to the New Name in Aerospace – ThunderStruck

More specifically – The Space Sector.

ThunderStruck's Median landing site might look something like this
ThunderStruck’s Median landing site might look something like this

ThunderStruck has actually been around for a few years as a talented project group, but we are now making it formal. ThunderStruck Aerospace is all about space and yes we do work in the atmosphere too. The name Thunderstruck came about from a project to build a very small winged re-entry vehicle. That project was slowed due to issues testing with Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority – CASA. In recent times, the issues that caused the delays have lifted, but the craft will have to wait a while as we have now have the Median build and test program to focus on with a tight time frame.

ThunderStruck’s Current Projects

We have current projects with coded passive laser retro reflectors, a Mars Network Project, Spaceport Darwin, Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB) and more, but Median is consuming much of our time. At the time of writing, Median press release was due the same day. It is not every day that an Australian company is so involved in any space mission to the extent of being the architect of the overall approach, deployment, landing, networking, mapping and communications for the main experiment.

kangaroo-red-earthIn April, the ThunderStruck team will be in the centre of Australia – probably on a dry salt lake dropping a simulated Mars Lander heat shield from 10,000 feet and watch as the automated systems fire off the penetrators so that they land in a ring. Of course we will be working with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority to create an exclusion zone for the tests which will see a number of spear-like penetrators slam into the ground. More on Median next time. As for the photo on the left? Aussies on Mars does give us goose bumps. The similarity to the red earth of Australia gives a new meaning to this photo. A bit of terra-forming and who knows….

You can catch up on some of our past exploits with ThunderStruck here: