A Week at ThunderStruck

15th Feb 2020

You may think that a business based on R&D and progressing to hardware would only be reporting on Technology. In today’s post we want to report on the fact that we are actually emphasising gearing up the company for our entry to the next level. To do this we require new direction with a big emphasis on seeking significant funding and a complete and high level structure. Our current director, Bruce Boler is looking forward to working with at least two more directors. Both of which need to be of high calibre and able to get us positioned into the right place for growth.

Bruce Boler
Bruce Boler – Director

Direction and Directors

This week we have spoken to two potential directors and have welcomed one on board. No names until the paperwork is signed. We will be working to get the second person on board and signed up. This is an important step towards a strong future.

As for other maters this week, we are finalising an Air Force contract to supply services and this gets us into the black.

We have internal funding for the first Mars Impactor tests and we are working on the arrangements to do the first test fire. These are both technical and administration.

Bank accounts being opened and insurances being finalised. There are so many meetings and things to finalise. Discussions and actions on phone services and physical structuring of the company. Work continues on the business documentation in preparation to go to market for funding. It is certainly an area that we will be concentrating on.

Up to now we have concentrated on having 4 products that were solid products that can all be sold to a variety of customers. We are not like most with a single product. If we have one that fails, we can shelve it until the time is right and bring another one out for development. We know this to be fact as we have customer interest in some of our potential products. One of the rules of success are to limit your products.

No More than 3 Products in R&D

We are product heavy and only have one mature product

  • HABworx. Our Balloon Workshop – Mainly Weather Balloon Payloads

Products in R&D and soon to be in production:

  • Lightning Rockets – small to eventually Low Earth Orbit
  • StratoDrone – Small version to fly this year
  • Mars MEDIAN Impactor Mission. Years of development ahead but good spin-off technology.

Shelved Products in Wait

  • Supersonic glider – To be used to test transonic issues for a mini shuttle return system. Could be used for defence missions too.
  • Laser Retro reflector with passive tagging. Expected usefulness up to 250,000 km in space. No power requirements on the tagged reflector. Useful for defence and other commercial tagging.
  • Other winged vehicles
  • Tracking systems – team tracking for several groups working nearby each other, using the network as a repeater.
  • APRS HAM radio tracking. Well developed.
  • Yes, there are more products.
Supersonic Glider Desktop testing
Supersonic Glider Desktop Testing

Spreading too Thin.

One easy way to cause a company to fail, especially a start-up is to concentrate on too many products. These other products will stay shelved unless a specific customer is willing to pay for the development which will remain compartmentalised. We do not want to spread our selves too thin. Projects need complete care and attention.

Even with many viable products its best to keep to a small number of lead products that will produce enough income to be able to mature the product before others are introduced.


Defence is an obvious customer for many of our products. We will be focusing on funding and product development along the lines of products that are at the pointy end of defence. That is Plan Jericho. These are very futuristic or sovereign products that can be used for Australian Defence and specifically the Air Force. The products are also an essential commercial products. Defence has funding for new developments and ThunderStruck will focus on these products and this direction.

HABworx Payload Release
HABworx Payload Release