Collaborative Working at ThunderStruck

I am very pleased to say that ThunderStruck has started operations using a work group scattered around the globe. We currently have no central office but we have a core group of people working on a variety of projects. This arrangement has set us up for a high level of flexibility in this troubling time.

At this time we are evaluating both integrated telephony and collaboration software.


The telephone software will be a mixture of a 1300 number, an outside phone number and a centralised SIP server with applications for the system on our phones. Basically we will have a centralised shared PABX service. This provides our customers with the highest quality service that any company can expect.

As ThunderStruck grows and a central office or workshop becomes essential, the solution will have full integration with the future technology. We are evaluating the various options available at this time. Many are based on the same remote service. Which ever system that we choose, it will be chosen on the basis of what will work best for the customers.

PMG 802 Phone

Collaborative Software

Telephony is the easy part. Choosing a collaborative software package is the key to good workflow. We are enjoying a good start to our company. We have a solid contract for supply of services and cash flow. Great for a brand new SME. To combine and coordinate our staff and workers, we have to choose carefully.

This is the hard part of the equation. Integration with external packages are also exceptionally critical. We need to make our workflow integrate with our billing system and access to all documents. Currently we are looking at “Wrike”. A way of managing timelines, gannt charts, projects, assigned work and more. I look forward to the team having a both good communications and good computer software to unite the teams.

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