A MEDIAN Pat on the Back

Nick Howes

5th Mar 2020

Ed: Nick Howes has little to do with the Impactor side of the mission and its is wonderful when he pops up and starts tossing bouquets around. With little funding it has been a slow start and now it is moving at an astonishing speed. His post from Facebook is below and we love the back slaps:

In 2012 I conceived an idea for a Mars mission. At the outset, people said it was crazy, it would not work… it was not doable..

At Spacefest that year, I dragged Robert (Brand) away from Buzz Aldrin to chat, and he came up with an idea of how to make my idea a reality.

Now with the backing of Jerry Ross, Nicole Stott, Ed Rezac..Jani Radebaugh Rick Armstrong, David Galea ..a peer review and support letter from NASA Glenn…and more, the Mars Median project is closer to reality.

Yes, you read that right… some of the finest planetary scientists on Earth, two NASA astronauts, world leading engineers…and more, the Anglo-USA-Australia based mission to help determine the situation with Methane on Mars, is coming closer.. coding on the test by people who now work at JPL, Testing in Morocco by a Phd in Martian meteorites, CFD development by a systems engineer at the world’s largest defence prime..

Robert Brand, my amazing friend, (no stranger to awesome, having worked on the comms from Apollo 11 through most of the Apollo missions on to Giotto) who is leading the development in Oz (we’ve been working in the UK on some aspects of the penetrator tech) has written up a really nice “story so far” which is here…

Our team… is here… Imagine the talk I could have given in the USA on this… Our Proud History


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